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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times should I have my irrigation company visit my property to inspect my lawn sprinkler system?

We would like to suggest 3 times. In Southern Maine and the Seacoast of New Hampshire, it’s important to have your irrigation system Turned-On at the beginning of the season, checked once mid-season to ensure everything is functioning properly and, finally, for winterization of your system. 

At season Turn-On, we will get the system running for you, make repairs, or suggest improvements for efficiency. At Winterization, we will blow air through your pipes before the first deep freeze to ensure water is removed. If water freezes and expands, things break, and that means a costly repair.

As an existing customer of Enhanced Irrigation, we will contact you to schedule Turn-On’s and Winterizations.



Having your lawn sprinkler system Turn-On and Winterization done by a professional are key to a properly working system. But we do recommend a mid-season review. Your system will be working the hardest—during the driest and hottest days. 

During our mid-season system check, we will look for broken heads, notice the spray coverage when plants and shrubs are in full growth, and adjust as necessary.



It depends on what you are looking to do! Most installations take one day to complete, but a larger system will take multiple days. We will give you step-by-step updates throughout the process. If you already have an existing lawn and plant beds, that is great! We use the right tools to ensure minimal damage to your gardens and yard. And always clean up when the project is complete!


Your lawn has different watering needs throughout the season. We recommend adjusting your settings periodically. Enhanced Irrigation will get your lawn sprinkler system settings prepared for Spring during the Turn-On. Your lawn and garden beds will need a little more water during the heat of the summer. We suggest an inch of water per week, including the rainfall and to time the irrigation system to complete watering by sunrise. But lots of different factors affect how long and often you should water your lawn.

Why do I need an irrigation system check mid-season?

How long does it take to install a lawn sprinkler system? What if I already have an existing lawn and developed gardens?

How often should I be watering? Should I change my controller settings? 

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